Take the example of using just will power... In order for it to work you have to keep thinking about the very thing you don't want to do.

You think to yourself: "I won't smoke. I'm not smoking."

The result is you keep thinking about smoking and cigarettes - and inevitably you find not smoking all the more difficult.

Stopping Smoking using Hypnosis

Session Preparation

One session - Fee £200

How long does it take?

Why just will power is likely to fail...

Whenever someone consults me wanting to stop smoking I always ask myself two questions: Why Hypnotherapy? Why now? These are the two most important questions to ask yourself, because stopping smoking comes down to belief. Your belief in being a natural non-smoker for good!

I believe 90% of stopping smoking is about believing that it is going to happen and wanting it to happen. You have to start seeing yourself as a natural non-smoker. It is important to start thinking of yourself not as an ex-smoker, or someone who used to smoke, you are a natural non-smoker; it's as if you never smoked.

Why Hypnotherapy?  Why Now?

Price for stopping session

Everything you have been told about stopping smoking makes you believe that it's going to be difficult, and to make it worse you try using just will power and you find it difficult. This makes the faulty belief stronger and stronger.  Faulty or negative beliefs affect our behaviour in the same way as positive ones. Changing the belief requires you to start seeing, and understanding things differently. You need to start seeing yourself as a natural non-smoker. Think how life will be - and dwell on it.

​One session. Simple as that! Prepare for the session with some easy steps and it really is that easy. I offer everyone the chance to come along for a free initial consultation before the stopping session

Stopping smoking is the easiest thing someone can do in the world; as soon as the person is in they are in the right frame of mind. Hypnotherapy can boost your own efforts making it even easier to become a natural non-smoker.

"It really is that easy. Easier than you thought possible and it just keeps getting easier and easier each day that goes by. All you have to do is want and believe it will happen - and it will happen."

Imagine how things are going to be, not​ how you don't want them to be! A subtle change, but it makes all the difference.

Most people have tried lots of different ways to stop smoking, from nicotine patches and gum, to will power alone. Each time many people find it difficult to succeed because with each of those methods you have to keep thinking about the very thing you don't want to do in order to not do it!

As with everything, preparation is important. Now that you have decided to do it, take the time to prepare so that it's even easier.

The reason Hypnotherapy is the most successful way to stop smoking, is because we deal with those nagging thoughts, leaving you free to be a natural non-smoker.

  • Firstly start imaging your non-smoking life in your mind. Each day choose a different aspect of your life and take a moment to see it in your mind's eye exactly how it is going to be.

  • Next repeat over and over in your thoughts: "I am a natural non-smoker". Sounds silly but do it as much as possible!

  • Finally​ get excited about what is going to happen. You are doing an amazing thing. You are taking control of your life, being positive and proactive. Be pleased with yourself! Look forward to the stopping session. See it as the final step to sealing the deal; the deal with yourself when you become a natural non-smoker.