Kettering and Oundle Hypnotherapy

Explaining Hypnoanalysis...

"Whenever people come to see me, with nervous twitches, stutters, depressions, anxieties, inferiority complexes, sexual problems, phobias and the like, I am never quite sure what treatment they expect - but I do know that the treatment they get is not what they expected.  I think many people have a vague idea that the Hypnosis part of the therapy will be all important and that they will somehow be induced into a trance like state where it will be put into their mind that they will…talking without stutter…no longer be depressed…no longer afraid of enclosed spaces…or whatever. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Far from putting something in your mind, in fact something is released from you mind, the subconscious something which had been at the root cause of the problem. 

Now, I know you have probably seen stage shows, or heard of people who have had something put into their mind - if only you wanted to stop smoking I’d do that myself right now, I’d simply induce you into Hypnosis, which is a very pleasant relaxed feeling, and plant post hypnotic suggestions in your mind that you were going to stop smoking easily - and it would most likely happen for you just as simple as that.

Suppose, however, that you had consulted me with Agoraphobia, that’s the fear of going out, and just suppose I applied a similar technique. Say, I planted hypnotic suggestions that instead of being afraid of the big open spaces, it all looked welcoming and reassuring. Rather like that smoker who was surprised to find he had stopped smoking, so too, the Agoraphobic would be surprised to find he was no longer afraid of going out - that those open spaces did look welcoming and reassuring. 

Cross question that ex-Agoraphobic a bit more and you may discover something rather alarming. For instance, he may no longer go in motor cars, on buses or to the cinema…he has become afraid of going into enclosed spaces, or alternatively he was covered from head to toes in a nerve rash the Doctor has been unable to treat successfully.  I’m sure you can see that because the subconscious cause of the problem remained - it had simply found it’s way out in another direction. I’m sure you can see now, why I do not plant suggestions in people’s minds to remove what are clearly ‘symptoms’ instead I find the cause and remove the subconscious cause, or rather, they find and remove the subconscious cause themselves, I just simply show them how.

The process we use to uncover the subconscious problem is called Analysis, and we carry it out with you in the Hypnotic state. That, however, is the first of our difficulties - because the Hypnotic state is rather ordinary and certainly non-magical. Most people would say, during and after the Hypnotic experience, that it hadn’t worked for them, that they hadn't ‘gone under’. It is unlikely that you will feel differently. It would be a good start to accept that the whole process will feel rather ordinary. 

I expect us to take between six and eight sessions, each session approximately an hour in duration and at approximately weekly intervals."

Testimonial - Client treated with Hypnoanalysis

I just wanted to send you a message to let you know how fantastically well all has been going since I had my sessions with you.

Firstly I have had a real shift in my thinking and am finding that I no longer have anxious thoughts and find myself naturally being positive about things. I seem to now be able to have a calmer less reactive approach towards life. I am so much better at communicating with others, less worried about what they think and am more aware of how others may struggle too with communication.

Secondly I went on holiday to Florida and had no anxiety about flying, it was amazing!

So thank you so much!

AS - Stamford


£55 per session

(£110 payable on the first session - no charge on the final session of treatment)

Hypnoanalysis usual takes between 6 and 8 sessions at weekly intervals. Each session lasting approximately 1 hour.

Problems which are 'inside yourself, but outside your own control."

  • Fears and Phobias

  • Social Anxiety

  • Sexual Problems

  • Anxiety

  • Depressive Mood

  • Panic Attacks

Symptoms treated:

Using the minds natural ability to link recollections together analytical therapy uncovers that bottled up emotion and as a result frees you from your symptoms.

So what is the cause? With most people is it bottled up emotion. Emotion that has been packed away inside the person for years. Some of it they don't even remember. If you spoke to someone for long enough about when you were a child, it wouldn't take too long before they were describing an event when you got upset; and you have no recollection of it at all.

Hypnoanalysis works under the doctrine of cause and effect. For every effect (symptom) their has to be a cause. It doesn't make sense that one person should have panic attacks or depressed mood and the next person doesn't. What makes them different? Where did it all begin? The analytical process exposes and extinguishes the cause and as a result the symptom is removed.

Using analytical therapy we can deal with the original cause rather than just controlling the symptoms, leaving you free to get on with your life.

More often than not when a client come to see me with phobias, stutters, nervous twitches, depressive mood, anxiety, panic attacks, shyness, sexual problems and the like, I think it is a fair assumption that they think that somehow I am going to put them into hypnosis and tell them that they no longer stutter, or whatever. They assume that suggesting away the symptom is all it takes. However we should be asking the question: Why? Why has that person developed that problem in the first place?

An analytical form of Hypnotherapy which deals with the cause of anxiety and emotional problems rather than simply treating the symptom.